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August 09 2016

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July 24 2016

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July 18 2016

My sister after telling a joke

and nobody laughs

When my boss calls and tells me to sit down...

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July 13 2016

When work calls you on your holiday

asking for unpaid work…

ok, i’ll do it.

dealing with rude costumers

when they make a rude/racist/sexist/unfunny joke:

when they walk away:

June 22 2016

when your bosses compliment you for finally speaking up and still dismiss anything you say

to care is to share

May 26 2016


got my heritagemoney and was told to save all of it.


May 12 2016

May 06 2016

went and got myself inked up again

April 13 2016

watching Fassbender, McAvoy, Jackman on Graham Norton Show

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