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June 15 2017

I can’t believe you’ve told that to everyone

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when you and your better half become one

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when you joke telepathically

Seattle Con 2017
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Seattle Con 2017
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you go first.

Seattle Con 2017
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Seattle Con 2017
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Seattle Con 2017
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May 27 2017

last try of taking a good selfie

when I ask my sister to take a pic of me

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what happened to the soul that you used to be?   [remake of this]

May 10 2017

New Sitcom on CBS!

@colbertlateshow going daytime! even more stupid sitcoms than we need!

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We need to clear the Yogurt-Fight!

Support @colbertlateshow for Yogurt-President 2018

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Join us on CBS - The truth always gets out

New CSI as in Colbert searches Iogurt or.. whatever… crimeshow! @colbertlateshow

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May 05 2017

1078 7123
this is michael, our producer
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When you bring your mom to the late show and she shows embarrasing photos

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April 29 2017

0708 2467 500
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When I get a bill and it’s addressed to the previous tenant

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